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Тема "Герундий"
Choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.

1. _________ makes me nervous.

a) To fly

b) Fly

c) Flying

2. I always eat breakfast before ________ to school.

a) to go

b) going

c) go

3. We started _________ dinner without you.

a) eating

b) to eat

c) eating / to eat

4. Do you enjoy ________ to classical music?

a) listen

b) listening

c) to be listening

5. We are looking forward ________ you soon.

a) seeing

b) see

c) to seeing

6. I regret _______ her about it. She told everyone.

a) telling

b) to have told

c) to tell

7. He couldn’t help _______ at their suggestion.

a) to laugh / laughing

b) laughing

c) to laugh

8. I am used to _________ her in a bad mood.

a) see

b) see / seeing

c) seeing

9. Have you talked to the dentist about _________ your teeth?

a) clean

b) to clean

c) cleaning

10. Their house looks a little shabby. I think it needs ________ .

a) painting

b) paint

c) to paint

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